20 Oct march & rally DCU flag - Photo (web) - John Richardson-Dawes

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Meet the two Elaines speaking up for libraries

“I can remember getting my first – what I thought of as ‘grown up’ book – out of the library. It was John Steinbeck, The Grapes Of Wrath and I walked down the street being proud of having such a … More…


UNISON and the big workplace meeting

Across the country members join together to celebrate trade unions. TUC president and UNISON assistant general secretary Liz Snape prepared to attend the TUC big workplace meeting, that took place this lunchtime. She was joined by thousands of delegates across … More…

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LGPS Consultation

We have considered the consultation papers. We would like to make comment about the investment regulation consultation and the investment pooling process… more

Trade Union Bill: Government unveils strike law reforms

The Trade Union Bill will make it much harder to strike for a pay rise or challenge the behaviour of bad employers.  More…

UNISON’s NJC pay claim 2016-17

The local government pay claim aims to scrap NJC pay points below the Living Wage & calls for a flat rate increase of £1 per hr on all other pay points. More…