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Special UNISON summit plans to tackle pay freeze

Opening the session, general secretary Dave Prentis said: “We are five years into an austerity agenda which has wreaked havoc with our members pay and conditions. “As a union, we have survived and last year alone, we recruited some 166,000 … More…


UNISON report exposes truth behind the Chancellor’s pay con trick

Thousands of low-income households will be worse off next April when the increase in the minimum wage is more than wiped out by changes to tax credits, according to a new report from UNISON published today (Wednesday). The analysis shows … More…

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Trade Union Bill: Government unveils strike law reforms

The Trade Union Bill will make it much harder to strike for a pay rise or challenge the behaviour of bad employers.  More…

UNISON’s NJC pay claim 2016-17

The local government pay claim aims to scrap NJC pay points below the Living Wage & calls for a flat rate increase of £1 per hr on all other pay points. More…