Fight South West NHS Pay Cartel

Worried about Regional Pay? If not you should be! 

The NHS in the South West is already faced with a Pay Cartel proposal.

What’s happening?

The NHS that we know and love is under threat. One of the biggest challenges is the pressure to cut costs and make savings. This has resulted in 20 Trusts across the South West collaborating to form a consortium (also known as a Pay Cartel) which proposes to make radical changes to pay and conditions and create a regional pay system.   The South West NHS Pay Cartel is considering:

  • Reduction in unsocial hours payments
  • Performance related Incremental progression
  • Increasing working hours
  • Reducing annual leave
  • Reviewing pay levels
  • Removal of sickness absence enhancements

The South West NHS Pay Cartel could threaten to derail on-going national negotiations and undo years of work creating a level playing field for pay and conditions across the NHS. UNISON believes a Pay Cartel would drive skilled health workers out of the region, driving down the economy, creating a healthcare postcode lottery blackspot for the whole of the region and have a detrimental effect on the services provided to patients.

What you can do

  • Please sign the Government e-petition as part of the campaign against the Pay Cartel, for the NHS, against postcode pay, for Agenda for Change, against cuts harming staff and patients, and for supporting our local and national economy.
  • Please spread this petition far and wide to members, non-members, colleagues, family and friends via Facebook* and Twitter*.  Use hash tags … #StopThe Cartel  and #OurNHS
  • Speak up and speak out – why not send a letter into your local paper; your local the Turst Board or an individual Trust Board member or all of them; call in to your local radio station if you hear the subject being discussed, or e-mail or text them or tweet them; respond to on-line articles in support your NHS, your services and your terms and conditions and your pay.
  • Join UNISON – the more voices there are the stronger you and we are.

More details about the South West Pay Cartel proposal can be found here.


*Remember, please use social media responsibly and not in work time.