‘Worth it!’ pay campaign 2014

We know that many of our members are lying awake at night worrying about their job or how to make ends meet while their pay is frozen but prices soar.

UNISON is helping by making sure pay stays at the top of the agenda, and continuing to campaign for better and fairer pay.

The ‘Worth it’ campaign aims to secure a £1 an hour pay rise and a minimum rate of the living wage for local government workers and school support staff employed by local authorities.

The campaign will send the message that public service workers are feeling the strain of pay restraint at a time of rising prices, cuts and job insecurity.

UNISON is helping members by making sure pay stays at the top of the agenda because we believe you’re worth it!

A pay rise of £1 an hour would mean that the lowest scale point 5 would rise from £6.45 pence an hour to the Living Wage, which is £7.45 pence. Everyone above the lowest scale point would also receive a flat rate increase of £1 an hour. It would also apply to everyone in London, where the Living Wage and pay rates are higher.

Click here to view the latest updates on UNISON’s national ‘Worth it!’ pay campaign.


  • Local government pay is the lowest in the public sector – from the bottom to the top of the NJC pay scales
  • YOUR pay has fallen by 16% after inflation since 2010
  • Only a handful of other public sector workers earn less than the Living Wage – in local government it’s nearly half a million
  • This is because of the Coalition’s cuts, the pay freeze in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and the below-inflation 1% pay award this year
  • If earnings had risen with inflation, the bottom rate would now be £7.53 pence an hour – above the Living Wage
  • And many of you have lost more through local attacks on unsocial hours payments, overtime and car allowances or transfer to term time or zero hours contracts
  • Local government workers earning less than £21,000 were not paid the £250 promised by the Coalition Chancellor, George Osborne, in 2011 and 2012. That’s a shameful 1 million employees who lost out!
  • Councils have lost over 450,000 jobs since 2010 – with more to go. YOU keep doing more for less to keep councils services going. YOU deserve a pay rise which starts to make up for lost earnings
  • Many of you have told us that YOU can’t manage on your pay. More and more council workers depend on loans, hand-outs and food banks to survive
  • That’s just not good enough. YOU are worth just as much as other public sector workers doing similar jobs

What can YOU do to help win UNISON’s £1 an hour claim?

  •  Tell all your work mates about it
  • Give them a copy of this leaflet
  • Talk to non-members and tell them to get on board with UNISON – only a strong union can get them the pay they  deserve
  • We will be producing campaign materials and model letters for councillors and MP’s. Make sure you use them!
  • Write to us at the Local Government Section, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY and tell us what low pay and cuts to conditions mean for you
  • Keep up to date by logging on to our Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/UnisonInLocalGovernment
  • This will be a tough campaign to win. Get ready to join in campaign activities. E-mail with ideas for our campaign at njcpay2014@unison.co.uk

Look out for updates about the pay claim on our Branch website, Facebook and Twitter pages.