No to 25% redundancy pay cut

Not content with axing jobs to reduce its budget, Devon County Council now wants to cut redundancy pay by 25%.

The Branch is seeking urgent talks with the Council regarding its proposal to cut redundancy payments by 25% by reducing the multiplier from 2 to 1.5.

What you can do

Members, don’t let this happen!  Say no to the proposed 25% cut in redundancy pay.  You can voice your opposition in several ways:

  • Come to our AGM on 3 March
  • Post a message on our Facebook page
  • Tweet us at:  @UNISONdcbranch #NoCutsToRedundancyPay  
  • Email us at:
  • Print off the ‘Say no to redudancy cuts’ poster by clicking here. Then post a photo of you holding the poster to our Facebook page.