Health and Safety Representatives

Health & safety reps have a vital role in ensuring work is done in a safe and healthy way in a safe and healthy environment. Health and safety issues are key recruitment issues so our health & safety reps have a strong role to play in recruitment.

Works with:

Stewards, local management, senior level management through the health & safety committee, regional health and safety officers.


Stewards monthly committee if there is an issue, monthly health & safety meeting, branch executive, annual general meeting, special general meeting. senior, or long-standing health & safety reps might be nominated to regional or national positions.

Education and Training:

All health and safety reps have to have basic training in order to be recognised by the employer. Once they are trained and recognised they have more power over a workplace than does a steward.

Comprehensive training and refresher training is provided. It is structured in modules to make it easier to achieve.

If you have any questions about these duties please contact the Branch Office on 01392 382530, or