South West Regional Women’s Committee

The South West Regional Women’s Committee meets four times a year and is in regular e-mail contact. The purpose of the Regional Women’s Committee is:

  • to encourage women’s participation at branch, region and national level
  • to promote equality
  • to campaign for changes which remove discrimination and inequality, in partnership with other self-organised groups, in pursuit of equal rights

The Regional Women’s Committee also organises training and an annual Regional Women’s Conference, usually held on the last Saturday of September, all of which are free and open to all women members. The Committee consists of 18 elected women representatives including two South West Representatives to national Women’s Committee. The Annual General Meeting is held at the Regional Conference where women can be elected to the Committee. Women can either “self nominate” or be nominated from their branch.



The Work of the Regional Women’s Committee

  • The public sector cuts are having a significant and disproportionate impact on women both as staff and users of public services. The Regional Women’s Committee has identified this as a priority issue both in raising awaremess and encouraging women to challenge and campaign against these measures.
  • Pressures of work and increase of workplace bullying. There is evidence of extra pressure on staff as a result of the cuts. With fewer staff, there will be more work and less patience around which is leading to an increase in a bullying culture. There is pressure to work lunchtimes, higher sickness and stress levels. The Regional Women’s Conference is developing some materials giving advice to women about how to recognise and deal with workplace bullying and workload prioritisation. Women managers are also stereotypically more likely to be labelled as bullies. The Committee will also consider tips for women as managers.
  • Improving communication.¬†As part of a strategy to increase the participation of women in the region we have developed a blog site which we hope will be particularly of interest to young members. It is currently being trialed by the Committee before rolling out to members. Regional Women’s news is produced three times a year. The next edition will be published in February and will be dedicated to the impact of the cuts on women.

We are particulary interested to hear from members about what is happening to you, women that you know or the impact