TUC Model Agreement for Academies

This statement is supported by the affiliated school workforce unions – ATL, GMB, NASUWT, NUT, UNISON and Unite – and the non-affiliated school leaders’ union, NAHT.


This guidance considers the key issues of principle for the teaching and support staff unions in relation to trade union recognition and pay and conditions for employees in academies.

The TUC working with the affiliated unions (ATL, GMB, NASUWT, NUT, UNISON and Unite) have developed a Model Agreement for Academies in England. That model agreement provides a mechanism for trade union recognition and facilities and machinery for consultation and negotiation in academies and the unions are working for its adoption and implementation in all academies throughout England.

This guidance is intended to help in discussions between school governors, managers and trade union representatives about these issues. Experience has shown that governors are sometimes uncertain about the nature and extent of the commitments involved in establishing arrangements of this kind or are resistant to the adoption of the full TUC model agreement. This guidance will allow key principles to be discussed and agreed before more detailed discussions about the exact arrangements in each academy.