Performance Pay – urgent advice for UNISON school stewards

The Government is implementing a system of performance-related pay progression for teachers in England.  This means that in the future teachers will no longer be entitled to their annual increment.  Instead they will be subjected to an annual performance review, the outcome of which will determine whether they get their annual increment.  Our colleagues in NUT and NASUWT are taking action over this and other attacks on their terms and conditions.

School reps need to watch out for their school trying to implement the same system for support staff.  It is absolutely clear that the government decision only applies to teaching staff – i.e. not to support staff.  So please urgently contact your branch and region if your school attempts to apply the new teacher related pay progression system to support staff.

Schools cannot simply unilaterally introduce a new pay policy for support staff.  They would have to first consult and negotiate with UNISON over any proposed changes.  Any attempt to unilaterally impose changes to school support staff pay arrangements will be robustly opposed by UNISON. Please contact UNISON Devon County Branch if your  school tries to do this.