Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill will make it much harder to strike for a pay rise or challenge the behaviour of bad employers.

A lot of useful articles have been written about it. Unfortunately, we haven’t got the space to list them all here, so we’ve chosen a few of our favourites that members might find helpful in explaining how the Tories plan to wipe away 200 years of workers’ rights.


  • Strike ballots to have minimum turnout of 50 per cent to be legal
  • Public sector strikes woud need 40 per cent backing of ballot
  • Unions would have to give 14 days’ notice before using banners, loudspeakers
  • Union organisers on picket lines must wear an armband or they can be fined
  • Unions would also be fined £20,000 for using social media during strike action – and again if they don’t publish plans in advance
  • Employers would be allowed to use agency workers to break strikes, which was banned in 1973