New Pay and Grading Proposal

UNISON has been in negotiations for the last few months with Devon County Council about how to implement the second part of the nationally agreed pay award – you may recall that the first part of it was implemented in April 2018.

This has meant that the Spinal Column Point (SCP) incremental system has had to change – you will find both the existing table and the proposed table within this letter.

It is proposed that the new SCPs will come into play on April 1st 2019. You will be able to see what your pay will be from that date on the proposed chart which takes into account the minimum 2% pay rise for all staff on NJC terms and conditions. If you are due an incremental increase, the you will receive that too.

This proposal has been the subject of much discussion between the authority and the trades unions with UNISON being the lead negotiator at all stages of the process. UNISON believes that it is the best achievable by strong negotiation and is now asking for your comments and thoughts prior the proposed implementation on April 1st 2019.

Please email the branch on or call 01392 382530 by 4pm February 8th 2019 with any comments, queries or observations on this proposal.

Please find the new Pay and Grading Scales.

Here are the 2018-2019 scales.