Preparing the ground for conference

UNISON’s national executive council concentrated on preparations for this year’s national delegate conference when it met in London this morning.

In an agenda devoted to work preparing for conference, the NEC:

  • made initial decisions on the policy it is adopting toward the 136 motions on the preliminary agenda for conference;
  • agreed the amendments to motions it will be submitting to conference;
  • agreed its policy toward proposed rule amendments on the conference agenda;
  • agreed the 12 motions and five rule changes it will submit to the conference standing orders committee to be prioritised for debate, alongside suggestions from other bodies in the union;
  • approved the draft annual report;
  • received an update on planning for conference, including invited guest speakers.

The NEC welcomed back former president Angela Lynes, who was returning to an NEC meeting for the first time since her presidency ended after the 2011 conference following nine months treatment for cancer.


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