Speaking out on rent

UNISON is supporting Rent Freedom Day on 4 February, organised by campaign Group Generation Rent.

The day, which is also backed by the TUC, will feature a conference in Westminster which will give people living in the private rented sector an opportunity to discuss the key issues facing them, including:

  • high rents;
  • poor quality housing and low maintenance standards;
  • unstable and insecure tenancies;
  • lack of information about their rights and empowerment;
  • the impact of welfare reforms.

The day will feature a range of workshops, talks and fringe meetings on subjects such as policies to improve the lives of renters, organising local renter groups, the rights of renters and registering to vote.

There will also be a chance to lobby your MP, as well as a hustings where representatives from political parties will debate the housing crisis.

UNISON will be highlighting the findings of our recent report A new housing benefit deal for young people, which shows that young people make up most of those living in privately rented housing.

They are also the people facing higher rents and reduced benefits because of changes to housing benefit rules – which place them at a greater risk of rent arrears, evictions and homelessness.

With a general election just months away, Rent Freedom Day offers UNISON members – and particularly young members – an opportunity to have their voice heard.

UNISON members can use their vote to put pressure on MPs to develop policies to increase the supply of social and affordable housing and bring in regulations to make private renting more affordable, secure and decent for the 10 million renters in the UK.


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